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This is the second version, featuring an image of Oosaki Nana, one of the two Nanas in the manga, movie and future anime NANA. (More info?)

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Last added or modified FL:

29/III/2006: Re-applied for the TFL fanlisting of Cry no More. Added more affiliates: Meli, Dark Water, Akira and Shalott.
12/III/2006: Moved the fanlisting on upcoming to the current list: No regret (2nd ending theme of Blood+, sung by Nakashima Mika. Sadly, rejected in TFL, so it's just in TAFL). Revamped the Arashi & Miwako fanlisting, and added *lots* of affiliates (11!): Kari, Saya, Jordy, Osaka Winry, Blok, Crystal, Mercedes, Rika, Riley, Rileth and Shari *^^*
07/II/2006: Layout changed, featuring an image of Oosaki Nana, from the manga and movie NANA.
18/I/2006: Added two codes to link me back, and four affiliates: Melissa, Seiyuuki, CE Yume and Yamila^^
09/I/2006: Moved the fanlisting on upcoming to the current list: Little by little (relationship between Hanazawa Rui and Makino Tsukushi, characters of Hana Yori Dango). Revamped the Wakiagaru Toushi fanlisting.
28/XI/2005: Added one affiliate, Misao, and one fanlisting on upcoming.
16/X/2005: Added one fanlisting, Feline Butterfly (about the rivalrie between Shihouin Yoruichi and Soi Fong, characters of Bleach), and one affiliate, Rukia.
07/IX/2005: Added one affiliate, Kirisame.
31/VIII/2005: Finally Caged Bird it's up! And all the fanlistings have been moved to the domain!

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