Never give up

I won't never give up these fanlistings, because they mean so much for me. If I do, this would mean I'll not in FLs anymore (or that something *big* happened).

Destiny - 1st fanlisting owned
Dreams - 2nd fanlisting owned
Poesia... eres tu


* = Previous owner:
Angel promise - *Toshi
Banana + Chocolate - Yanagi
Destiny - Ariem
Duello - *Toshi
Fruits Salad - *Toshi
Jukebox - *Toshi, Arashi and Kibou
Kiss me - *Toshi and Kristin
Ladeshock - *Toshi
Little by little - *Z-ro
Mission Impossible - *Toshi and Osaka Winry
Toujours Jeune - Espo and Kari

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