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... to this fanlist, which is listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network and The Fanlistings Network, dedicated to the gorgeous song Cry no More, Blood+ 2nd ending theme, and sung by the fantastic Nakashima Mika. more?
According to AnimeFLs, a fanlisting «is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject» (here, as said, of a song).
So, if you are a fan of this theme, come on and join the fanlist!
NAVIGATION: above, in the 'X' of Saya's arm (anime's layout) and/or in the words located by the right side of Mika (PV's layout).


Owner: Yoio
Members: 43
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Last updated on: March 25, 2017
Growth rate: 0.010 members/day
Last 2 Added: Jinnienn Okada , and Rizu .


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 This skin features an image of the 'Cry no more' CD, found at nana-nana.net. Fonts used: '3 grammes 5' (title) and '04b24' (navigation). Done in Photofiltre.  This skin features an image of the Blood+ ending, and it's a screencap done by me; video found at nana-nana.net. Fonts used: 'Times New Roman' (title) and 'Arial Narrow' (navigation). Done in Photofiltre.

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I do NOT own Blood+. Everything here is © Benkyo Tamaoki, Kumiko Suekane, Asuka Katsura, Hirotaka Kisaragi, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Production I.G, Kadokawa Shoten Aniplex, MBS and HAKUHODO, Nakashima Mika and SMEJ Associated Records (AICL) and who knows who more lol, unless the specified.
Anime images: screencaps of the ending, downloaded at nana-nana.NET.
PV images: screencaps of the PV, video downloaded at nana-nana.NET, and images of the CD Cry no More, found at nana-nana.NET too.
Fonts: Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Times New Roman, 04b_24, 3 grammes 5 and some more.

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